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Privacy Policy

T.H.I. Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") will comply with
the Personal Information Protection Policy and manage personal information appropriately.

Personal Information Protection Policy

We recognize that the proper management and protection of personal information is a serious responsibility.
In order to fulfill this responsibility, we will ensure that all of our employees are fully aware of the importance of this policy.

  1. We will collect, use, disclose, and provide personal information appropriately within the necessary scope, taking into consideration the nature and scale of our business.
  2. We will take reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leakage, loss, alteration, or destruction of personal information, and will take necessary corrective actions.
  3. We will comply with laws, regulations, and other standards related to personal information.
  4. We will continuously review and improve our compliance program for the protection of personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not disclose or provide collected personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. If you have the consent of the person in question.
  2. When disclosing or providing personal information to subcontractors within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In such cases, the Company will supervise the subcontractor to ensure appropriate management of the personal information by, for example, concluding a confidentiality agreement regarding the handling of personal information.
  3. When disclosing or providing personal information to postal or shipping companies for the purpose of communication, delivery of products, etc.
    In this case, we will only entrust such operations to a business operator that has obtained the necessary permits and approvals as stipulated by law.
  4. When disclosing or providing statistical data or other information in a form that does not allow the identification of the individual.
  5. When disclosure or provision of personal information is required by law. (Court of law, police station, etc.)
  6. In case of disclosure or provision for the protection of a person's life, body, or property, or in case of emergency.

Management of Personal Information

We will take necessary security measures to prevent leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information, and will manage such information appropriately.

Inquiries, Corrections, and Deletion of Personal Information

If you wish to inquire about, correct, add, or delete your personal information, we will respond to your inquiry, correct, add, or delete your information within a reasonable period of time and to a reasonable extent after confirming that you are the person who made the request.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In addition to complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations applicable to personal information, we will comply with generally accepted practices regarding the handling of personal information, and will review and improve the above efforts as necessary.

Contact Information for Questions and Complaints

If you have any questions or complaints regarding our handling of personal information, etc., please contact us at the address below.

Business contact:
General Affairs Division, T.H.I. Corp.