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Business Overview

T.H.I. continues to provide
new business solutions
into the market.

System Solusion Division

Revolutionizing a business style.

The T.H.I. “Wireless Auction System” is now utilized
widely not only in the construction machinery industry but also in many
other areas such as the used vehicles, livestock, meats, brand goods and pets.
T.H.I.’s many years of experience in the auctioning business with our unique
auction system allowed us to create a one-stop solution for all kinds of industries
with a desire to organize an auction.
Besides the “Wireless Auction System”, our System Solution Division has been exploring
various business models to find and meet clients’ needs.
This has resulted in a number of products including a new communication tool.

Used Machinery Auction Division

Establishing a Fair Trading Market.

T.H.I. developed a proprietary assessment system, the “T.H.I. assessment paper”,
for the used construction machinery trading industry.
Previously, people relied on their gut feel or individual experience to estimate machine value.
T.H.I. recognized that this was very unreliable as different people have different standards.
The “T.H.I. assessment paper” provides fixed standards for everyone to refer when valuing
the machines. At the same time, the T.H.I. auction system allows customers
to trade machines openly. We constantly endeavor to create a more convenient and
reliable trading system by incorporating the latest technological computer systems.
Because of these two key features T.H.I. is able to create a fair market for buyers as
well as consignors, so you can feel comfortable making a deal. As a result of our strategy,
T.H.I. has seen an increasing number of members. In addition, our large customer database
allows us to analyze the market and promote specific offers to our target market accurately.
At T.H.I. we have been able to create a “Virtuous Circle” by reaching out to
our international customers and providing them with the services they need.

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