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Company Concept

Our Misson To contribute to the development of society by extracting the real 'Value' of products.

T.H.I. recovers the value of used machinery before its value is lost permanently. Machines are given new life through our unique approach and business solutions, turning into become valuable products.The key to realizing this trasformation is to ensure fairness and transparency of transactions by making products undergo independent inspections, and to maximaize the value of each product for both suppliers and buyers. It is also crucial to streamline distribution as much as possible and thereby reduce costs to a minimum.

Information technology, on the other hand, is not technology just for processing data any longer, but has now evolved into a proactive business tool for information value management. We uncover information that is not known by customers during the information value management process, and share that knowledge to create a new business opportunity. In this way, we aim to provide services that will go beyond mere data processing and
exceed customer expectations.

Discovering values of used products, identifying information values attached to the products, realizing highly reliable transactions of value added products using IT, and finding customers from around the world who are truly in need of these products...these are the missions of T.H.I., and the company always maintains its neutrality while carrying them out.

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